And the lover spoke and said to Godess

Now I will come deep into your mouth, you,sweet light of my life. …I look at you.. on your knees, trembling from your endless desire and deeply into your mouth I will offer you my soul, blossoms whitish will sow on your tongue, my holy prostitute.
I look at me in the mirror while you taste me, holding your Beloved with your left hand, while you play your yoni with the other, I can feel my heart is fully open.
And I admire…
With how much devotion, how much sweetness you are eating your Beloved! Totally naked, stripped from your clothes and from your ego, you put your curl on the side and then you accept again deep in your mouth the flesh you adore.
Now, the time has come, I will deeply inject into your mouth my holy nectar… they are coming… like a river..but you are not ready.. you take it out, and I hold back my orgasm, breathing deeply … while you are still playing with your pearl, your temple of pleasure.
The door of your temple is fully open now, my bloody virgin.. you look at me with these eyes, fool of love, of pain, of God.
I am coming, my ego dissapears for a few seconds and I die into your mouth. With girl’s lust, but woman’s knowledge you gleam my nectar … but a kind of deja vu is coming on my mind and I see the wrinkles that time has left into your face… I see your lips grow bitter as time pass by and we are coming near the end.
I close my eyes, looking carefully at the mirror of eternity.
Time for me to go,there the boatman is coming with his boat, I leave now, but I leave happy. I lived, I learned, your love raised me from the dead and we were drunk together, drinking the sperm of life …my beloved.

Δημιουργός: chris60

Mε λένε Χρήστο,60, είμαι παντρεμένος,μένω έξω απ'την Αθήνα Είμαι συγγραφέας και διαλογιστής και ασχολούμαι πολλά χρόνια με την Τάντρα και τον ιερό ερωτισμό,ενω οργανώνω και σχετικά σεμινάρια. Με ενδιαφέρουν η αγάπη, ο έρωτας,οι σχέσεις των δυο φύλων, το πως φτάνουμε στην έκσταση του έρωτα.στο facebook έχω την σελίδα οι 7 πνευματικοί νόμοι του έρωτα

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